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Wild Bird Products

Bird Seed, Peanuts & Suet

Bird Feeders including
the wildly popular
Squirrel Buster.

Canine Products

Treats, Chews,
Bulk Biscuits & Toys

Personalized Red Dingo 
Pet ID Tags

Backyard Poultry

Chick Days

Laying Ration,
Chick Starter & Grower

Feeders & Waterers

Stable Supplies

Wood Shavings & Pellets

Slow Feeders
& Grazing Muzzles

Buckets, Feeders & Stall Forks

Grooming Supplies, Dewormers &
First Aid Supplies

Horse Pasture Mix

Lawn & Garden

Grass Seed
& 16-16-16 Fertilizer

Water Softener Salt

Pest Control & Konk

Horse Tack & Gifts

Horsenut Clothing

Wide selection of 
unique Gift Items

Consignment Saddles

Horse Supplements

Omega Alpha 
Equine Choice 
Pennwoods Mineral 
Hoffman's Mineral 
Redmond Salt 
MSM & Glucosamine 
McIntosh Pro Line 
Herbs for Horses 
Kentucky Performance Products
Mad Barn Nutrition.
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